We always look back to move forward.

We invite you to be part of our work, to observe, to understand and to learn about our territory, about our collaborative process and how more than 200 people help us by cutting food from the soil throughout Chile. This synergy represents one of the deepest roots of our culture, linked to the original peoples, which we have involved from the beginning.

The stagiers, as we call the interns, are as important as those who visit us. All the knowledge and skill that we have acquired in our path represents a long learning process that we owe to our way of cooking with unique ingredients. It would not make sense if we did not share that knowledge.

We see an excellent opportunity to share and work with chefs from different places in Chile and the world. In Boragó an important cultural exchange is generated, and we invite you to take part in our internship program. Write to us and tell us your motivations and the reasons why you want to spend a season with us.