$155.000 CLP (per person) | 12-18 PREPARATIONS

$96.000 CLP (per person) | 5-6 POURS

$40.000 CLP (per person) | 5-6 POURS

*The request for each experience applies to the entire table.
*We do not have children chairs.
*Products and prices subject to change without notice.

Our online booking system allows you to check availability and make reservations during the next 90 days.

To attend reservations with more than 90 days, please contact or call +56 2 2953 8893 or our WhatsApp +56 9 6509 7768.

Opening hours from Tuesday to Saturday, from 5:00p.m.

If you wish to opt for a lactovegetarian this must be requested at least 24 hours in advance.

Reservation policy

To generate your reservation your credit card number will be requested. The cancellation of your reservation must be made via email to or the contact phone at least 24 hours in advance; otherwise, a charge of USD$70 per person.

The maximum delay of the table is 30 minutes, after this, it is released and can be used by our restaurant, being able to cash the no-show charge.

The exact number of guests must make reservations. If fewer people attend the terms of the reservation, we will proceed to charge a no-show by the number of truants diners. To avoid this charge, you must call the restaurant notifying of any modification. We will see the possibility of changing them to a suitable table; If there is no availability, the restaurant reserves the right to cancel the reservation.

Waiting lists

Reservations on the waiting list is not a guarantee; it will only depend on the cancellation of some other table.

Private studio

Our restaurant has a private studio with a capacity of 12.
If you want to quote our salon write to

Special Events

Our restaurant counts with 3 areas for special Events, for more information please write us to