In our effort to reflect what the soil gives us, we have brought the best products from a somewhat unusual corner of our planet, which we consider invaluable. Our tasting menus collect and combine the best endemic product of the Chilean territory, in continual evolution throughout the year. Much of the food is cut from soils not intervened, by collecting communities and small producers throughout Chile.

The water served in Boragó comes from the rain of Patagonia, with a high degree of purity.

The milk used, especially in our ice cream, is milked by us and comes from natural aging.

We do not have a wine list. In return, we seek to add the effort of family projects full of passion. We have a wine pool. These represent particular conditions in the Chilean territory, occasionally with surprising results.

30 minutes from Boragó, we grow vegetables our way, with maximum use and always in the most natural way.

We understand the restaurant as a provider; One day we can cut a wild fruit that grows three weeks a year at 3,500 meters and the next, unique mushrooms from a forest.

We work without intermediaries, but directly with fishermen.

There are more than 200 collectors and small producers throughout the country. They have the same role as the rest of the team. Unfortunately, they are not visible in our dining room, but without them, we could not even give 10% of the food we offer.